About Us

BookCelebrities.com was formed by Gary Hasson who has been booking public appearances of celebrities for over 30 years. His other company, Lightspeed Fine Art, Inc, has been producing fine art collectibles for TV and motion pictures under license for the major studios, and working with promoters of conventions to sell them for over 35 years.

The marriage of talent that Lightspeed was working with on a daily basis at the studios, with fan conventions, was a natural progression of promoting and growing fan events. Today, BookCelebrities brings top talent to over 100 of the best shows in North America, the UK and Europe, Australasia, South and Latin America, and the Caribbean.

We provide not only booking capabilities but a concierge style service for our celebs from the moment they arrive into a new city, their hotel, venue, until their departure back home. Our seasoned staff makes sure the experience for our celebrities, attendees, and promoters, are positive ones at each event we attend.

Our goals are to insure a positive experience for the fans with their favorite celebs. Obtaining a balanced and strong group of talent for promoters that are well supervised. And making sure our celebs have a safe, seamless, and positive experience with their fans at these events.

Mission Statement: We are a resource center for fans, celebs, and promoters. And we are here to serve in a capacity that makes things work for the benefit of all. And to be the best in our business.

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