Kate Vernon

Kate Vernon is a Canadian-born film and television actress. She is best known for her roles as Lorraine Prescott on the CBS soap opera Falcon Crest, the stuck-up and popular Benny Hanson in the comedy film Pretty in Pink and

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Erin Way

Erin Way is an American actress known for her role as Kat in the Syfy drama series Alphas. She joined the show during the third episode of the second season. Way can also be seen on the television series Castle,

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Michael Welch

Michael Alan Welch is an American actor. He has portrayed the roles of Luke Girardi on the television series Joan of Arcadia and Mike Newton in the 2008 film Twilight and its sequels New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Welch

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Peter Weller

Peter Weller is an American film and stage actor, director and history lecturer who has appeared in more than 50 films and television series, including turns as the title characters in the cult classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the

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Jeffrey Willerth

Jeffrey Willerth is best known to sci fi fans for his work as a producer for the long running television series Babylon 5 as well as Ambassador Kosh on the series. He has also been a producer for various film

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Genelle Williams

Genelle Williams is a Canadian actress who is best known for her roles in Degrassi: The Next Generation and as the innkeeper Leena in Warehouse 13.

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Peter Williams

Peter Williams is best known to sci fi audiences as Apophis in the first four seasons of Stargate SG-1 (plus a few appearances thereafter). He has also appeared on the big screen in films such as Catwoman and The Chronicles

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Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba is an American actor and occasional singer. He is known for his starring role as NYPD Detective J.C. Williams on the Fox police drama New York Undercover and as Yul Brenner in Cool Runnings. He also appeared as

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